Policy Overview

Here at Gran Turismo Wiki, we strive to maintain a fun, comfortable, and very informative site. To achieve this, we need more than just intelligent and creative users (which we have) - we need policies which help realize our vision of creating the most informative, secure, easy-to-use,and fun Gran Turismo encyclopedia in the world. These can be divided into two sections: general rules and site rules.

General rulesEdit

  1. First and foremost, be a safe user. Don't post your personal details anywhere on the site which is easily visible (your user page is OK, because not many people look at user pages), and don't ask someone else of their personal details. Asking someone their PlayStation Network ID is OK, but not their email address, phone number, or anything else which could potentially be used to find them. We take privacy and security very seriously, and will take action against anyone trying to breach it.
  2. Be civil at all times. This means keeping a cool head when talking to other users, and generally treating them with respect. We want to have a reputation amongst GT fans as a friendly place to chat with other GT fans and share knowledge of the GT universe.
  3. No personal attacks at all. If someone does something wrong, don't insult them and call them names; instead, tell them what they did wrong.
  4. Be liberal in what you accept, be conservative in what you do. Try to be as accommodating as you can of other people's quirks, but be as logical, polite and straightforward as possible.

Content rulesEdit

  1. BE BOLD while editing. See something wrong in the content of the page? See something missing? Don't hesitate to fix it up - this is a wiki, after all, and any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Have a question, gripe or suggestion for the site in general? Ask about it on Main Talk!
  2. When in doubt, ask about the change you want to make in the comments section below the article. That way, you can get a community opinion on the edit you're about to make, and whether it should be made.
  3. Respect copyright. Wikia and Gran Turismo Wiki use the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 License, and anything you upload here should be licensed under that. The only exceptions are logos/trademarks/etc. for companies involved with the GT universe. These should only be used in a way that qualifies as fair use under US law, or as fair dealing under UK law. Anything else is simply disallowed. For instance, if you uploaded a logo for Suzuka Circuit, that would be OK, because it's a track in the GT series, as long as you didn't claim it for your own. However, uploading a logo for Walmart would not be allowed, because it's not involved in the GT series at all.
  4. Assume good faith. Unless an edit is outright vandalism, don't assume someone saved a bad edit just because they wanted to be a nuisance. For instance, if an editor added something to the page which is incorrect, assume they were simply misinformed. Assuming that an editor wants to be helpful can be best for all involved, and only if there is solid, tangible proof that an editor does not want to be helpful should you assume otherwise.
  5. Don't revert good faith edits. The "undo" functionality can potentially be too powerful. No matter how tempted you are, don't click it unless an edit is blatant vandalism. "efewrfefihcv45657" is quite plainly vandalism and can be reverted, whereas the sentence "The Dodge Viper was first sold publicly in 1991" should not be, because although it is wrong (the Viper was first sold to the public in 1992), it can be fixed.
  6. Provide decent edit summaries and clear explanations of edits. The box labeled "Add a summary of your edit" is there for a reason: to allow people to see the changes you've made without having to go to the page, look up its history, and compare revisions to see what you've done. Concise and transparent summaries which explain the changes you've made can be a huge time-saver for other members.
  7. Don't add information on cheats, glitches or mods. While we want to cover everything about the GT series, this does not include information on how to win races or get money in ways that Polyphony Digital didn't intend. Besides being dishonorable, doing such things online or at a LAN party can be extremely annoying to those who are trying to win the race correctly, and, in the case of mods, can even severely damage your game or even your entire system. So no GameShark codes or links to your mod, please.
  8. Sign your talk page posts using four tildes (~~~~). This automatically produces your signature, which has (or should have) links to your user page and talk page, making correspondence with you all the easier. If you don't know where the tilde key is, or if you just want an easier way to add your signature, it's the next-to-last button from the right on the panel to the left of the summary box at the top of the editing window.
  9. Use the preview button to check your edit before saving it. This will show you how the page will look once you click "Publish." It's always better to preview the page and make any necessary changes before clicking "Publish" than to save it, realize you've made a mistake, and then have to edit the page again to fix it.
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