The unveiling of the 350Z at the January 2001 Detroit Motor Show was a shocking one. When Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan Motors, mentioned that the car would go on sale the next summer for under $30,000, there was a noticable stirring of the crowd. And as announced, the car made a comeback into the Japanese market in July 2002. The Z33 Fairlady Z was a 2-seater sports car utilising the same FM platform base as the V35 Skyline that came before it. The engine was also the VQ35DE, a 3.5L DOHC V6 that is shared with the Skyline, but the Fairlady Z was a first with specs of 276 BHP and 37.0 kgfm combined with a 6-speed MT.
The Fairlady Z had to come through with an innovative price as well as delivering an innovative sports car. Considering this, it was natural that its components would be shared with other cars. This new Z therefore - a 3.5L sports car, was able to be sold for the rock-bottom price of 3 million yen. In addition to the base grade, there was the Version S equipped with Brembo brakes and 18" tyres, a Version T with 5-speed AT and full options and a Version ST that was a sports model with luxury options as the top model.
In October 2003, a 2-seater cabriolet Fairlady Z Roadster was introduced. At the same time, the coupe suspension was upgraded, improving driving performance further. And in 2005, a 35th anniversary model boasting 296BHP was introduced. In collaboration with Gran Turismo 4, a limited edition model was released in Europe.

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