The SP1 is a custom coach built model made in 2008.
Ferrari originally had a tradition of bespoke, in other words coach building cars with the highest craftsmanship, customised for royalty and wealthy clientele. This is a revival of that tradition for the first time in 50 years.
The person placing the order was Mr. Junichiro Hiramatsu, a Ferrari enthusiast of Japan, who also used to be chairman of Japan's Ferrari Club.
The base car is the F430, and the body design was by none other than Leonardo Fioravanti, a man who created various legendary cars like the Dino 206/246GT, 365GTB/4 Daytona, 365GT4/BB & 512BB, 308GTB/GTS & 328GTB/GTS, as the chief stylist for Pininfarina in years past.
Because this is an official model that is manufactured by Ferrari and even warrantied by them, most of the chassis, engine, suspension and interior are taken from the F430 and other Ferraris. On the other hand, the exterior panels are completely a Fioravanti original.
Mr. Hiramatsu's request during its production was that is should have feminine, sexy lines that most Ferrari's do not have, and Fioravanti answered in return with a completely new design.
The SP1 name does not mean just 'Speciale', it means Sport Prototipo, from racing prototype cars that were active in the 1950's like the 268SP and 246SP. The number 1 means of course this is car number 1, and goes to show just how important this car is to Ferrari.

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