Jeff Gordon is sometimes called Mr. NASCAR. He is a superstar that goes beyond the bounds of your ordinary stock car driver, and is a legend in American racing.
In 1994 when Jeff achieved his first victory in the Winston Cup (1972-2003, renamed to become the Nextel Cup in 2004, which then became the Sprint Cup in 2008), the uncontested champion at the time was "the Intimidator" Dale Earnhardt. However the rookie driver in his 3rd year went tow to toe with this 7 time champion, and managed to win 7 races out of the series.
He was the original driver who overturned the common idea that only older veteran drivers with a lot of experience can become stock car champions. Gordon won his first series title at just 23.
This was the coming of the new generation, and the defeated Earnhardt never again won the title. Ironically, it was none other than Earnhardt himself who put down Richard Petty, the King before him.
Jeff Gordon's performance in the Winston Cup era is legendary. Winning the Daytona 500 three times, he achieved series champion four times. Adding two wins in 2011 in a car with the new Drive to End Hinger[1] sponsor colour, his 84 race wins are also the most ever on record.
Jeff Gordon, still going strong, is undoubtedly an American hero.

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  1. Mis-spelt as "Drive to End Huger" in-game