Stewart Haas Racing is co-owned by Tony Stewart - series champion twice in 2002 and 2005 and started his own racing team in 2009, and the world's largest machining equipment manufacturer, Haas Automation.
An all round driver, Stewart had also been the champion of the IRL (Indy Racing League), the top tier of open wheel racing series in North America, before shifting to NASCAR. In addition, his manly stature and straightforward talk has won him many dedicated fans, and he is one of the most popular personalities in the sport. Strong both on the oval and on the road course, he is famous for his ultra-aggressive driving style, hard hitting his opponents who get in his way.
The time at which his team was established unfortunately coincided with the world banking crisis that originated in the US, and at one point there was concern that they would not be able to compete. However he managed to secure big sponsors in the end and entering two cars, number 14 and number 39, Stewart also proved his hand as a team owner.
The number 14 car that Stewart drives himself inherits its number from famous four time Indy 500 champion, A.J. Foyt, someone who Stewart respects very much. His car is the Chevrolet Impala which was introduced in 2007, and because the team has full technical support from NASCAR's champion team, Hendrick Motorsports, they may be a newcomer but their performance is top class. The engine they use is also a Hendrick tuned Chevrolet V8, considered to be the most powerful in the series.

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