On June 14th 2008, at the 16th round of the Busch series (the category just under the premier Sprint Cup) in Kentucky, an incredible new record was set. Just in his 3rd race, at just over 18 years of age, Joey Logano became the youngest driver ever to win a Nationwide Series race. Racing fans in the US could not hide their amazement at the talent of this incredible young driver.
In the following year of 2009, Logano made his full entry into Nascar's premier Sprint Cup at an age of 19. Racing for one of the major NASCAR teams, Joe Gibbs Racing, his car was set to be number 20. Incredibly, this signified his position as the successor to Tony Stuart, an ultra popular NASCAR driver who has 2 championships under his belt. Home Depot who had supported Stuart over the years continued theit sponsorship, and his team and staff had many familiar faces from Stuart's years. From Logano's first year of participation, the team was already set up to win.
Not giving in to the pressure, Logano answered their call and continued to finish in top rankings from halfway in the season. Backed by high expectations from the owner of the team - Joe Gibbs, the legendary head coach who had led the Washington Redskins of the NFL to the Superbowl 3 times, and along side team mates Kyle Bush and Denny Hamlin, this boyish young man has more than proved his worth as Toyota's leading driver, and will most likely go on to become a towering presence in the world of NASCAR.

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