Jeff Gordon is one of NASCAR and North America's most popular motorsports superstars, and this is his famous DuPont color Chevrolet, car number 24. The car is so famous in North America that it is even familiar amongst non-racing fans.
As soon as Jeff Gordon started full participation in NASCAR'spremier Winston Cup in 1993, his skill immediately shined through. In 1995, he became series champion at the young age of 24, bringing a breath of fresh air into the world of NASCAR. Up to this point NASCAR was dominated by older drivers from the American south, but this young driver from California opened new doors for younger drivers.
Following along Gordon's success, NASCAR expanded across the United States and became the number 1 motorsport in North America. The success of NASCAR between the 1990's to the 2000's would not have been possible without his presence.
Gordon became series champion a total of four times: 1995, 1997, 1998, and 2001, putting him third on the all time rankings list, and his car number 24 was the most powerful machine in NASCAR history.
The car was a Chevrolet Impala built by the champion of builders, Hendrick Motorsports. The best Chevrolet body in the series, was combined with the most powerful engine in the series, a 5.8L Hendrick-tuned Chevrolet V8 producing over 789 BHP. This made the car the most potent package in NASCAR.
Yet another attraction of this car is the bright livery of DuPont, who have been their sponsor since 1993. Over the years they have gone from a rainbow colour to a fire pattern, and in 2009 it was followed up by the 3rd generation firestorm colour which grabbed a lot of attention.

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