Template:Infobox/Car The Ferrari California is a grand touring sports car that was launched by Ferrari at the 2008 Paris Motor Show. It is a two door "2+2" hard top convertible. The California is powered by a front-mid mounted, petrol direct injection 4.3 Litre V8, sending a claimed 460 CV (340 kW; 450 hp) to the rear wheels. The car revives the "California" name from the late-1950s Ferrari 250 GT.


The California represents a number of firsts for Ferrari:

  • The first Ferrari with a V8 engine that would be mounted in the front area of the vehicle
  • The first Ferrari that would feature a 7-speed dual clutch transmission
  • The first with a folding metal roof
  • The first with a multi-link rear suspension
  • The first with direct petrol injection

According to some sources, the California originally started as a concept for a new Maserati the resulting expense to produce the car needed the Ferrari badge to justify the ideal return on the investment. The California represents a new, fourth model range for the company.

Acquisition in Gran TurismoEdit

The California is featured in Gran Turismo 5:

Gran Turismo 5Edit

As a Premium Car, it can be purchased from the Ferrari dealership for ??? Credits.